Bennett PTSA's After School Enrichment committee arranges three sessions of after school classes for Fall, Winter and Spring. The classes vary each session and may include Art, Drama, Chess, Math, Sports, Coding, Languages and Engineering. These sessions seek to offer fun and supportive after school enrichment opportunities for kids who may want to try something new or pursue extracurricular interests with Bennett friends. For parents, these classes can expand opportunities for kids in a convenient location and build community.

If you have a suggestion of an activity you would like to bring to Bennett Elementary, questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to reach out to afterschoolenrichment@bennettptsa.org. You are also welcome to research your idea and bring the important details to our next PTSA meeting.

After School Program Schedule

Before signing up, please review the Code of Conduct with your child (at the bottom of this page).
For safety and insurance purposes, unless there's full-term volunteer, every family who participates in PTSA after school programs must be able to provide 1 adult volunteer/chaperone for one session/per class (PTSA membership and BSD Volunteer Clearance Needed). To join PTSA click 2017-18 PTSA membership.


Image result for red dot vectorTrendy Crafts 

Let your creativity bloom this spring with fun craft projects including air plants, night lights and a very special Mother's Day craft!Grades: K-5    Cost: $110   Time: 3:35-4:35    Starts: Apr. 16
Registration: http://www.trendycrafts.org/class-registration/bennett-elementary-spring-2018
This class has a full-term chaperone.
Questions? Contact Elizabeth and Julie at thetrendycrafters@gmail.com 

Image result for red dot vectorBennett Ukulele Group (After School Music Academy)

In this ensemble, kids jump in and learn to play music on the Ukulele - few cord positions, songs, sing along and fun! No experience or instrument needed.
Grades: K-3    Cost: $198   Time: 3:35-4:35    Starts: Apr. 16
This class has a full-term chaperone. 
Questions? Contact David at info@afterschoolmusicacademy.org

Image result for red dot vectorBennett Game Club (Uncle's Games)

Game specialist from Uncle's Games will bring new board games and card games each week for kids to try. Clouds are made out of water, stars are made out of nuclear fusion and games are made out of math. Educators are noticing a correlation between students who are comfortable with math concepts and those who play a lot of analog games with family and friends.
Grades: 2-5    Cost: $75  Time: 3:35-4:35    Starts: Apr. 16 
Registration: evan@unclesgames.com
Chaperone of the week signup:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f094aaaaa2cabf49-bennett
Questions? Contact Evan at evan@unclesgames.com


Image result for red dot vector Art for Kids School

Students will explore their creativity using pen and ink, charcoal, soft and oil pastels, and acrylics. Eight projects will be completed during the session, led by a degreed, professional artist.

Grades: K-5    Cost: $105   Time: 3:35-4:35    Starts: Apr. 17

Registration: http://www.artforkidsregistration.com/product-p/bennett_tuesfull.htm
This class has a full-term volunteer/chaperone.
Questions? Contact Lisa at info@artforkidsschool.com  
Image result for red dot vector CANCELLED - Speak Easy (Grasshopper Enrichment Education)
Enjoy interactive games to embrace your audience, write and deliver an effective speech, and improvise. Kids will be coached, recorded, and supported individually. Class will culminate with a presentation for family and friends.  

Grades: 1-5    Cost: $160   Time: 3:35-4:50    CANCELLED DUE TO LOW ENROLLMENT

Questions? Contact Shawna at shawna@grasshopperenrichment.com
Image result for red dot vectorMysteries of Magic (Xakary the Magician)

This is a brand new class at Bennett (different from last term's class) with the one and only Xakary the Magician, Seattle's Funniest and Most Kid-Friendly Magician! Empowering children by building communication skills and confidence through the art of magic

Grades: Ages 7+    Cost: $250   Time: 3:35-5:05    Starts: Apr. 17

This class has a full-term chaperone. 
Registration: https://www.6crickets.com/providerDirectory/US/WA/Auburn/Xakary-Productions-fe8c15fed5f80800/sessions/b126077dfb834357/irwr-esw2-ba4q?refer&provider=849
Questions? Contact Xakary at magic@xakary.com   


Image result for red dot vectorBennett Chess Club (Chess4Life)

Bennett students of all ages enjoy this casual Wednesday gathering where the lessons of chess and life are shared. Come laugh with us!

Grades: K-5    Cost: $129   Time: 1:15-2:15    Starts: Apr. 18

Registration: https://chess4life.configio.com/pd/6609/bennett-elementary-chess-club-spring-2018?diid=7958#Detail
This class has a full-term chaperone.

Image result for red dot vectorTrolls (Theater with Small Hands on Art)

Have fun with your “hair up” and your “true colors” in this spirited performance of Trolls! Everyone who enrolls gets a part; experiences the whole process: simple audition, characterization, singing, and simple dance; and enjoys a fun, collaborative learning environment! 

Grades: K-5    Cost: $165   Time: 1:15-2:15    Starts: Apr. 18       Final Show: TBD
Registration: FULL

This class has a full-term chaperone/volunteer.

Questions? Contact Howie McOmbre at hojomac2@gmail.com


Image result for red dot vectorSports Spectacular (OTA Seattle)
Let’s play! Sports Spectacular features basketball, soccer, flag football, kickball, capture the Flag, whiffle ball, bump and bite, knights and dragons, tag, safe base and more! Our emphasis is on play, teamwork, sportsmanship, and fitness.  

Grades: 1-3    Cost: $90   Time: 3:35-4:35    Starts: Apr. 19

This class has a full-term chaperone. 
Registration: https://ota-seattle.jumbula.com/#/after-school-programs
Questions? contact Sean Myler at Sean@otathletics.com
Image result for red dot vectorYoga: Bending at Bennett 
Yoga is back for spring! Kids build flexibility, coordination and balance while having fun with friends!

Grades: K-5    Cost: $125  Time: 3:35-4:35    Starts: Apr. 19

Registration: contact Andrea Coccione akcoccione@gmail.com

Chaperone of the week signup:
Questions? contact Andrea Coccione akcoccione@gmail.com
Image result for red dot vectorJump Rope (Hot Dog USA) 
Coaches from the popular Hot Dog USA jump rope team will give Bennett kids an introduction to technical jump roping.

Grades: 1-5   Cost: $105  Time: 3:35-4:35    Starts: Apr. 19

Registration: atphoebe@asenw.com
Questions? contact Phoebe at atphoebe@asenw.com


Image result for red dot vectorArt and Architecture with Lego (Play-Well)
Explore great works of art and architecture with Lego! Collaborate in small groups to build grand structures such as the Parthenon in Greece, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the tree houses of Papua New Guinea, and New York’s Empire State Building. Teamwork and creativity take high culture to the next level!  
Grades: 2-5   Cost: $162    Time: 3:35-5:05     Starts: Apr. 20
Registration: https://play-well-registration.com/registration/new/68695
Dedicated Volunteer Discount: 100% (first come, first served – email ptsa_president@bennettptsa.org if you are able to commit to attending ALL sessions. Must be a PTSA member and a BSD approved volunteer).
Questions? contact emily@play-well.org
Image result for red dot vectorMicro:Bit Ozobot Bit (Coding With Kids | Little Coders)

Robotics for Little Coders with Ozobot is an opportunity for young children to develop computational skills, build their first programs, and have fun with new friends!  Students customize their Ozobot and assign commands through different colors, then build up to more complex tasks with simple drag-and-drop language. 

Grades: K-2   Cost: $159    Time: 3:35-4:35     Starts: Apr. 20

Registration: https://goo.gl/AphxrD
Dedicated Volunteer Discount: 100% (first come, first served – email ptsa_president@bennettptsa.org if you are able to commit to attending ALL sessions. Must be a PTSA member and a BSD approved volunteer).
Questions? contact mandy.smith@codingwithkids.com

Image result for red dot vectorCoding with Kids: Game Development

In this fun after-school class, kids will learn how to create a variety of programs -- from simple animations to multi-level games -- in the Scratch development environment, Beginners will be introduced to core concepts and intermediate kids build on previous knowledge and are introduced to more advanced concepts. 

Grades: 3-5    Cost: $159    Time: 3:35-4:35     Starts: Apr. 20
This class has a full-term chaperone. 
Registration: https://goo.gl/FVdvLo
Questions? contact   mandy.smith@codingwithkids.com
Image result for red dot vectorKids on the run
An outdoor athletic spring training to get kids in the fresh air as they improve agility, strength and endurance.  Students will set and master personal athletic goals. Each session involves stretching, obstacles and running. 
Grades: 2-5    Cost: $125  Time: 3:35-4:35    Starts: Apr. 20
Registration: contact Andrea Coccione akcoccione@gmail.com
This class has a full-term volunteer/chaperone.
Questions? contact Andrea Coccione akcoccione@gmail.com

Image result for questionsTrouble accessing a file or a link? email ptsa_comms@bennettptsa.org

Questions, suggestions or information about chaperoning our after-school programs? Contact afterschoolenrichment@bennettptsa.org.

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