Our PTSA relies on the generosity of our families, sponsors and community to provide its many programs and events, and to run as any non-profit organization does.

Why do we fundraise? 

Academics are a high priority for the Bennett  PTSA. The majority of our budget is spent on academic support and education enrichment programs. We are aware that the funds allocated to our school, from various sources, often fall short of what is needed in order to provide all of our children the very best academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. As a result, we have to look beyond the normal sources of income to meet any deficiency that may exist.

Do we have to fundraise each year? 

Just like our households, schools have expenses, bills, and items that need to be replaced. Because of the lack of government funding, if we want our school to continue to be “top of the line,” we have to fundraise every year with intentionality. Fundraising is not about making money. It's about school improvement and the opportunity to provide our children the educational experience they deserve.

Our ANNUAL FUNdraisers 

At Bennett Elementary, the PTSA typically conducts two major Fundraisers each year: Walkathon and Readathon. Depending on the success of these 2 fundraisers, we sometimes need a 3rd to meet our goals and provide the same level of instructional support and curriculum enhancement.
The Shop & Earn for Bennett, Matching Donations and Volunteer Hour Grants programs are also great and easy ways to help the PTSA that result in cash that we can use to fund PTSA programs for our kids and teachers. The best part is that it won't cost you anything! 
Thank you for your support! We cannot do it without you!