Bennett Parent Teacher Student Association is an independent and all-volunteer organization associated with the school. Bennett PTSA relies on the financial support of parents, faculty and staff, grandparents, alumni, and friends to sustain a robust environment for learning in the classroom and beyond. We are a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization, meaning your donation is tax-deductible.

Every gift to Bennett PTSA, regardless of size, makes a difference.

Your donation signifies your confidence in Bennett as a school worthy of your trust and your investment.
Thank you for your generosity!


The mission of the Bennett PTSA is to enhance the educational experience of the children and their families by working in partnership with the teachers, educational staff and local community. The PTSA gives each child a legislative voice while providing safe, fun and educationally enriching activities, supported by its own fundraising.

We also strive to:
To bridge the gaps between what our students need and what the federal government, state, and local district can provide. 
To provide the intangibles that inspire our kids to be great learners, thinkers and doers.
To provide advocacy for our children's education.
To build a supportive community for learning and personal growth.


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In order to complete our mission we must be a great volunteer organization
In order to be a great organization we must convey value to all of our members in exchange for all they give us. 
Volunteer and Donor Value Proposition
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In exchange for your TIME, TALENT, and DONATIONS we will strive to give you:
A place to learn from other parents.
A place to teach others and help build a stronger community.
A voice in how to spend the money we raise to improve our children's education.
A voice and local connection point to the School and the School District.
A place to meet new people and make new friends, or connect with the friends you've already made.
A way to show your kids how to make friends.
A way to teach your kids about citizenship and belonging to a community.
A way to teach kids how to make and keep commitments.
Satisfaction in the tasks and jobs you complete and the differences large and small that they make in the lives of students and families.
The chance to improve the future.
The ability to leverage the strengths of others to give your child the best of everything.
Above ALL, GRATITUDE from your community.

Operational Overview - PTSA by the Numbers

Click here to download our Donation Guide for this year.

 WITH YOUR PTSA DONATIONS                                                      
We put on over 20 events per year.  
We send our students on a variety of field trips ~ (5 field trips per grade).
We provide a plethora of in class visitors/guest speakers and assemblies the memories of which last a lifetime.
We secure additional staff to provide Instructional Support in Reading, Literacy, Math and Playground Safety.
  DONATE YOUR TIME                                                                        
Total Volunteer Hours is estimated at over 10,000 hours, approximately 24h/student, per year.
We pull together and spend 1,500 hours in the planning and execution of the many events we organize every year .
Additionally 3,700 hours are volunteered by people who "Show up and Do" tasks at the events throughout the year.
We help staff and run the library with roughly 1,200 hours of volunteer time.
We respond to the call for volunteer support by providing teachers with over 3,600 hours of in-class volunteer support: material preparation, grading papers, providing individual and group support for students in reading, writing, and math, managing homework, classwork and communications sent home daily with children.
  WHERE PTSA DOLLARS GO?                                          
Our annual budget is roughly $176,000 in expenditures which equates to roughly $400/student or $2/per school day!
51% - Goes to paying to augment the faculty in the building to include added support for reading, literacy, technology support, and safety personnel
26% - Curriculum enhancement; field trips, in-class field trips, assemblies
23% - Community activities and administration (20 events per year, plus light overhead)