When and where are the meetings?

 PTSA Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every alternate month and the community as well as non-community members are encouraged to attend. Our meetings are held at school (cafeteria or library) from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. We post the meeting’s agenda on our website, as well as in the newsletter and social media. There are times that meetings will change due to holidays and events, therefore we encourage you the check the calendar.

What are these meetings all about? 

Bennett PTSA Committee Leads & Officers, along with the Principal and Teachers provide information around what is happening at school. Committee leads share insights on community events, programs, fundraising efforts, discuss key issues affecting the school's community. It is quite common to have the members vote on key issues during the meetings and as well as agenda items and topics. In addition, guests and community members share ideas and offer ways the Bennett community can better serve the needs of our children. These meeting are open to the community and we encourage you and others to attend.

Who will be there?

Elected members (Co-Presidents, VP Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer), Committee Leads, Community Liaisons, and Bennett Representatives. All are welcome at meetings, however, only PTSA members are allowed to vote. Non-members and community representatives are welcome and encouraged to bring up questions and ideas at any meeting. If you would like to introduce an item at a meeting, it is helpful if you contact the Co-Presidents before the meeting so there is time allotted in the agenda.

Who should I talk to if I have questions about the meetings or issues I want to discuss?

Please email your questions, ideas and agenda topics to our co-Presidents at ptsa_president@bennettptsa.org. They will be happy to answer your questions and help you connect with who you need to at School and Committee Leads.

If you are making a motion at a PTSA Meeting, please complete the following form and provide it to the PTSA President. This helps us get your motion properly recorded and documented in the meeting minutes.  whenever possible, please complete and submit the form at least one week prior to the meeting. When verbalizing your motion, please use this exact wording. Thank you for your collaboration!

 Can I have access to the meeting minutes?
All paid members have access to approved meeting minutes by sending a request to secretary@bennettptsa.org.