We understand not everyone has the time to commit to an Executive Officer role but perhaps you might find coordinating a PTSA Event or Program with some of your friends a manageable way to contribute your time and input. There are literally a dozen different ways you can jump in and take on ONE thing and make a BIG impact at Bennett this year.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

 Staff Appreciation Luncheons (by grade level)


Art Room Volunteers - Year-long, depending on your availability. *** Please disregard date on the signup.

 Read-a-thon coming soon
 Spelling Bee coming soon

 "On-Call" Volunteers

Want to get involved, but not sure when you will be available or how much time you can commit? If we find we’re short-handed for an activity or event, we’ll go to our On-Call list and check with you to see if you can help. 

PTSA Leadership Positions

 Click on the link below to see all available positions/roles.