Our Readathon, like the Walkathon, is a yearly tradition at Bennett and a major fundraiser of the PTSA. Students gather donations (pledges), read during the mid-winter school break, and earn prizes. It is a fun school-wide event that encourages the love for reading while raising funds to support important PTSA-paid programs.

  • February 10 – Bookmarks available for pickup at Bennett courtyard for all Bennett students
  • February 12 – Pajama Day to Kickoff Readathon
  • February 12-21 – Read, Read, Read!
  • March 1 – Deadline to submit Donations & Total Minutes Read for prize eligibility
  • March 5 – Prize Winners Announced

How to participate

1) Gather Pledges

Ask family and friends to donate towards your reading. Print and update your Bennett Pledge Sheet to help you keep track of who has donated so you can follow-up with them. (These forms will not be collected.)

2) Read

Keep track of minutes as you read from February 12 to February 21, 2021. Print and update your Bennett Reading Log every time you read to help you keep track. (These forms will not be collected.)

3) Submit Total Minutes

Enter the total minutes read on the Online Reading Total Form starting February 22, 2021. Certify your student’s reading minutes total is correct by checking the confirmation box. Be sure to submit by March 1, 2021 to be eligible for prizes.

4) Make Donations

Readathon donations are now closed. To make a general PTSA donation, to become a Business Sponsor or contribute during our Spring fundraiser (Get Movin'!) click on the "Click to Donate" button.

Submit by March 1, 2021 to be eligible for prizes. Only online donations will be accepted this year (no checks or cash). Please note your student’s name, grade, and teacher. Do not combine multiple students into the same donation transaction. Contact Bennett PTSA Treasurers if a donation is made directly via an employer to provide proof of donation prior to the prize deadline. Donate at least $150 before matching to be eligible for the Fundraising Prize Drawing.

5) Submit Corporate Matching

Some employers will match your donation and make it even more impactful. If you are not sure if your company has a matching program, check with your Human Resources department.


Why Donate as a part of Readathon?

PTSA bridges the gap in public education that is not covered by federal and state governments.

Your donations to the PTSA fund:

  • Curriculum Extensions and Classroom Experiences (Curriculum Enhancement)
  • Additional Instructional Support through GSA’s (General School Assistants)
  • Community-building events and initiatives
  • Whole-child advocacy

Every year in July, Bennett PTSA contributes with additional funding for General School Assistants (GSAs) that fill a wide variety of roles throughout the day and across the campus during the school year. Not only are our crossing guards, recess facilitators, and lunchroom supervisors GSAs, but GSAs put hours in the classroom at every grade level to support teachers, provide one-on-one instruction opportunities, and lower teacher-to-student ratios to offer our students the most effective and impactful learning environments. Thanks to your donations to Bennett PTSA, we are able to donate between $50,000 to $80,000 to our school for additional instructional and general support provided by GSAs.

2020-21 is no different!
Bennett PTSA is committed to directly enhance our students’ safety and learning, may it be in-person or remote. Since September, GSAs have been joining in on Teams lessons, running many of the small-group learning sessions, and helping our teachers with a variety of classroom content management, grading, and other administrative tasks to help our online classes run smoothly. GSAs are a crucial element in making Bennett not only an exceptional learning environment but an exceptional community as well.


Readathon Prizes

Submit your student’s Total Minutes Read and Donations by March 1, 2021 to be eligible for prizes. Winners will be announced on March 5, 2021.

  • All students will receive a Readathon Bookmark!

Pickup in the courtyard at Bennett starting February 10, 2021. Please wear a mask and practice social distancing when picking up your bookmark.

  • Unlock Virtual Badges

Students will unlock badges as they read during Readathon based on the number of minutes they spend reading. For each increment, they will unlock a new badge. At the end of Readathon, participating students will receive a custom virtual Readathon background with their earned badges to use in Teams. The more you read, the more badges you will earn.

  • Participant Drawing (3 winners)

Submit total minutes read and a donation of any amount online by 3/1 to be entered to win a Family Pizza Night gift card.

  • Top Reader (by grade)

The student with the largest number of minutes read during Readathon in each grade will be able to select a book in partnership with librarian Miss Johnson to be shipped directly to their home. A winner will be chosen for each grade.

  • Fundraising Drawing (by grade)

Every student that raises at least $150 in donations (before corporate matching) will be entered to a drawing to receive a Bennett spiritwear prize pack. A winner will be drawn for each grade.


Contact the Readathon volunteer team for information: president@bennettptsa.org

"Whether we are in the building or virtual, I look forward to seeing the smiling faces of our students each and every day. The student’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious and it brightens my day. Their kindness and compassion toward others are inspiring. I am thankful that I have this amazing opportunity at Bennett.

I begin each day by touching base with my teachers and students and come up with a plan for the day for the students I work with.  I check-in and connect with my students as they share how their day is going, listening to stories of the day as well as any challenges, concerns, or problems they may have.  We set goals, work on classwork and discuss how to be successful for the day. Being virtual has allowed me to connect not only with the students but with their families, relatives, caretakers, and pets too.  The students are always excited to share their newest creation, their favorite toy or other items around their home.

I am part of my grade level team and I am included in planning, strategizing, and troubleshooting with my team. Throughout the day I support my grade level teachers in the “classroom”, I assist in getting the younger students to their specialists in a timely manner. I spend time with students during their asynchronous time, working with them 1:1 and in small groups.  I help students with a variety of assignments. I support them in their daily classwork, working on literacy, math, science, and in whatever areas they may need support. I pull together literacy data for the teachers to review and together we communicate with the students and families/caretakers on the student’s progress. I am in constant communication with the teachers regarding the student’s progress and to discuss our students' accomplishments as well as any challenges or concerns. 

One of my favorite aspects of my job is helping the students work through their assignments, listening to them explain their thoughts, and getting those thoughts organized and written down on paper.  I help them build confidence in themselves, to believe in their capabilities, to refer to the skills and tools we’ve been teaching and to celebrate their accomplishments. The student may need encouragement or extra guidance and together we take on the challenge. The smile on their face and the excitement that they experience when they work through a challenge, conquer a task, overcome a struggle and realize what they are capable of doing is energizing for all of us.  The student’s increased confidence shines through in future work and it helps them to excel in their classwork.

During this virtual learning time, I have been able to connect with our students on a more personal level. The support from our families is amazing and I appreciate all that they do. I know it has not been easy and there have been many challenges. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to be a part of the Bennett community and to work with these wonderful students each day."